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BXG Body Paint


Developed for BXG by master chocolatiers Cocomaya, this body paint echoes the timeless sensuality of liquid chocolate and contains the highest quality Valrhona hazelnut Praline (60%), Valrhona Cocoa Powder and Organic Rapeseed Oil. The premium French praline was chosen for its quality and high hazelnut content. These ingredients carefully combined with Valrhona cocoa powder creates the perfect harmony between the cocoa flavour and nutty tones, a true taste of heaven that can now be shared with others. Limited edition jar created by artist, Dan Gold.



Grace. Glamour. Glory. Gratitude and the Ultimate G. A fantasy for everyone. Introducing… BXG Body Paint



With BXG Body Paint, there are no clear rules


The BXG Collective


Lifestyle photography: Mick Ackland
Hair and Make Up: Natasha Devedlaka
Model (dark): Tessa Kuragi
Model (blonde): Jen Goodall
Product photography: Ashley Straw
Web design: Rich Clayton
Logo design: Stuart Weston
Location: The Gore Hotel



Body Paint is just the beginning
Immerse yourself in a world of Fantasy